Service team

蕭瑩燈 專利工程師

  • 台北科技大學機械工程系 / 工業設計系學士


郭心儀 商標代理人

  • 醒吾技術學院 / 銀行保險系學士
  • 中華智慧資產經營管理協會監事


  • 台灣大學國際貿易學士
  • 台灣大學外文系學士
  • 柏克萊大學英國文學碩士
  • 國際部經理

Kevin Lu

  • 台灣東吳大學法律系
  • 智慧國際專利商標事務所合夥人
  • 香港專利商標代理人

張少君 律師

  • 中山大學法律碩士,工學學士
  • 具有律師(執業證號19010911001931)和專利代理人(執業證號1123409364.2)雙重執業資格。

Zhang has a profound theoretical knowledge of the law and legal services, handling a large number of various civil and commercial cases, accumulated with plenty of practical experience and personal network. Services related to corporate legal Affairs, various commercial disputes, labor disputes, corporate intellectual property legal adviser and other legal consultants. Zhang have legal and engineer education background, which brings unique advantage in the field of intellectual property legal services. At the same time, Zhang practice as a patent agents, has served in a well-known intellectual property agency, processed hundreds of patent, trademark application cases, nearly a hundred pieces of patent, trademark objection and dispute cases, and a large number of patents, trademark protection and litigation. The copyright field has worked on a large number of end-user piracy cases.

盧丹 律師

  • 第四屆深圳市律師協會證券期貨專業委員會委員
  • 湖北省武漢市中南政法學院國際經濟法法學學士
  • 1997 年開始先後在內地及深圳大型國有企業法律部工作
  • 1999 年獲律師資格證書
  • 2003 年在廣東金卓越律師事務所深圳分所知識產權部任專職律師
  • 2006 年於廣東國暉律師事務所,主要業務範圍為公司和知識產權法律事務

When service in the law firm盧has dealt large number of litigation and non-lawsuit cases, which involve with debts disputes, the establishment of foreign-funded enterprises and bankruptcy, personal damages, marriage and family disputes, real estate sales contract disputes and litigations, and other intellectual property infringement, accumulated rich experience in handling cases. 盧Has written column for the “Shenzhen legal news “multiple times answering a lot of clients’ query. 盧 focus on practice and theory of law, combined with a system of legal knowledge, particularly on intellectual property, particularly with in-depth research, specialized in the handling of disputes over infringement of intellectual property rights.

徐向紅 律師 法學碩士

  • 第四屆深圳市律師協會證券期貨專業委員會委員
  • 第五屆深圳市律師協會公司法專業委員會委員
  • 深圳市專家聯合會法制工作委員會特聘法律專家
  • 圳市政府採購中心評標委員會評委
  • 1992 年考取中國律師資格
  • 1993 年開始從事律師工作
  • 1999 年考取司法部和中國證監會聯合頒發的證券律師資格證

徐 has successively service in 湖南恒城律師事務所, 廣東國欣律師事務所, 廣東國暉律師事務所 as attorney, specializing in processing and commercial contract disputes, corporate mergers and restructuring, restructuring, real estate, financial guarantee, disputes, damages disputes and other legal Affairs, 徐 has handle thousands various types of cases, has restore or avoid a financial loss of RMB100 million for his clients. Has served in the Hunan Investment Corporation, Hunan import and export Group Corporation, Hong Kong Eastern European Group, Shenzhen shipping co., Ltd. , Dongguan Guancheng city development co., Ltd., Shenzhen BOC PAM security investment development co., Ltd., Hong Kong Pang source investment group co., Ltd., Shenzhen, YuanWang digital Mall market management co., Ltd., Hong Kong, Chile, Ltd., Huizhou dayawan Texas investment co., Ltd., dozens of companies of perennial legal counsel, to assist in the improvement of the company's day-to-day management of the system, the full involvement of consultants important items of external negotiations, responsible for important contract writing and review checks, legally monitored operation of major projects, the company's investment decision to provide the legal feasibility, for companies and senior managers of personal interest to provide legal protection, acting on behalf of processing consultants and investors of other related legal Affairs, to participate in the litigation and arbitration, is a great way to solve the business legal obstacles encountered in the maintenance of the company and investors, senior managers of the legitimate rights and interests.

徐林 律師

  • 第四屆深圳市律師協會證券期貨專業委員會委員
  • 司法行政學院《 商業秘密保護與商標侵權法律實務 》高級研修班畢業學員

徐Had submitted suggestion document to the Shenzhen Bureau of Shenzhen (real estate purchase contracts (advance sale)), and approve by expert group, and in 2006 a new version of the contract was partly accepted. Often present courses to local trade associations and Chambers and preside over the publicity about intellectual property law. Host of many business economic dispute cases is as typical cases include the 2003 (Shenzhen Court featured case study)

王雄杰 代理人

程光慧 代理人

周永強 代理人

周志忠 代理人

王新宪 代理人

徐靜 代理人

金永泉 代理人

孫凤英 代理人


  • 韓國釜山大學中文系
  • 韓國商標代理人
  • 海外部經理

李賢子 辯理士

  • 韓國釜山大學法律系
  • 韓國商標代理人